Check your LAN network settings and adjust enable as necessary. Click Yes when the confirmation screen appears. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. This limited warranty does not cover and is void with respect to: Airplane Mode lets you disable all radio over-the-air connections. To obtain warranty service for Products, please call the toll-free telephone number 1- from anywhere in the continental United States to determine the location of the authorized service center nearest you and for the correct procedures for filing a warranty claim.

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When connected, button reads Disconnect as in Figure 3.

ZTE-TU25 TU25 USB Modem User Manual ZTE Corporation

Seamless roaming is turned on by default. When the uninstall has completed, follow the prompts to restart your computer.

Please refer to your firewall documentation for details on setting firewall preferences and permissions. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

During activation, your firewall application may ask for your permission to allow communication involving XOHM Configuration Manager and Connection Manager.

This may occur when personal firewalls are installed on the computer. This allows XOHM to send and receive the necessary data for activation and provisioning and for periodic updates, if applicablewhile letting you retain your current firewall protections.


Items in the History Popup Detailed Log may be selected by date and they may be sorted in any column. If zte tu25 usb modem adapter zte tu25 usb modem deselected, another application must manage connectivity for that adapter. Activation will not complete.

Addendum — Working With Firewalls Name: Enter your Wi-Fi network configuration settings. In this case, you must adjust your firewall zte tu25 usb modem to allow incoming and outgoing communication on UDP port To change the order of the priorities, click on a network type and drag it to a new position.

Select an available Wi-Fi network and click Connect. Red status light indicates a problem state no network service available, other errors.

Addendum — Working With Firewalls 4. Add New Network Configuration Section 6: Information about products offered by other companies is provided for information purposes only, and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation for such products.

You will need to restart your VPN. You can now close the window and proceed with activation and provisioning. Shut down any other connection zte tu25 usb modem software or any other application that can control the Wi-Fi radio. Select Allow and then click Next. When you have made zte tu25 usb modem selections, submit your order.


After the Warranty Period, you are responsible for paying all parts, labor, and shipping charges. To add a new zte tu25 usb modem profile, click Add New Network Configuration.

Under The protocol you want to usv, select UDP, select Only communications that match all types and ports listed below, and click Add.

ZTE ZTE-TU25 TU25 USB Modem User Manual Quick Guide Revised

Then you can take the Internet, and everything you do with it, along with zte tu25 usb modem anywhere XOHM has coverage.

For example, in the figure above XOHM WiMAX has the highest priority and would be selected first by XOHM Connection Manager; Wi-Fi public has the lowest priority and would be the last option attempted for connectivity only if all higher priority modm had failed to provide a successful connection.

The connection manager software will not load. If your view does not include Security Center, select Windows Firewall and proceed as below.

Legal Info Insert Revised Adobe XMP Core 4. New Network Configuration Section 5: