The unit has rubber feet to prevent slipping we have ours placed on top of the PC case. They take pride in their ability to add new items daily to our store and provide extremely fast shipping. Read full review Verified purchase: If you order late on a Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday, your item s will not ship until the next business day, which is Monday. All items are shipped with tracking. Download updated team rosters for your favorite sports game from a newsgroup or gaming website.

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For the cost of two memory cards, DexDrive owners had dexrive opportunity to store effectively limitless amounts of game data by transferring files as needed between the memory cards and the PC. InterAct releases a new product.

N64 owners, buy it. We do not have means to reimburse already-purchased postage or cover return shipping in any other manner. And we’ll be using this thing to manage our many, many memory cards. To contact us, please click on “ask a question” at the bottom of any of our product listings or simply click “contact us” on our store banner you may be asked to sign in again. Will it work with all Memory Paks?

Since the PlayStation has a built-in controller pak management menu that supports icons, it’s optically a bit nicer to look at the different game saves on DexPlorer.

They work very hard to get quality products to you quickly.

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You can even upload and download game saves from the Web! If a pak is prone to losing data when you use it with your games, it probably will screw up with the DexDrive once in a while as well. You can even send your Mario Kart ghost data to your friends and challenge them to a race. Hopefully, the DexDrive will also encourage developers to include such neat features as paint shops or customization screens can you imagine a create-your-own deathmatch level feature?

Then, select your country from the drop-down box, enter in your zip code if applicable and click “Get Rates”.

DexDrive – Wikipedia

N64 file to a friend and helps you stay organized. In other cases, DexDrive users wrote their own software to address the shortcomings of DexPlorer. The DexDrive is a cubical unit a little larger than four Controller Paks.

First, the interface makes it a lot easier to manage your save files. Interact DexDrive is available. Nintendo, license this thing. Cost and capacity were much more favorable on a PC due to interct efficiency of hard disk drives.

Now that’s ease of use. Plug the serial desdrive into the back of your PC, and install the software two floppies are included, but you can also download the latest software from InterAct’s website.

Instead of Nintendo’s horrible software Controller Pak management, we’ll just use the DexDrive to back up our game saves to our PCs and delete unwanted game saves to make room for newer games.

InterAct tried to make sure that the drive works well with all major Controller Paks out there, but you never know.


But there is more. This makes moving an individual file that’s been backed up on the PC over to another card very easy. Updated software, which addressed many of the problematic issues in the pack-in software, was available for several years on the InterAct corporate website.

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InterAct DexDrive PlayStation 1 to PC Memory Card Game Save Transfer Sv-1128

Payment All transactions should be paid for through eBay using PayPal as it is our preferred method of receiving payment. The DexDrive will immediately recognize the memory card and display the file headers in the DexPlorer window. If you are interested in buying it, we can try to track it down for you. Download updated team rosters for your favorite sports game from a newsgroup or gaming website.

Shocking when you consider the fact that we expected to have to configure it in some way. The device is pretty clever in that it automatically transfers over all the required blocks of a save whenever you attempt to move any individual part.