Like a number of other calibrators, the Spyder2 comes with a small counterweight attached to its cable. Reading all that, you might come to the conclusion that monitor calibration is a long, involved process. Furthermore, the help menus and tutorials assist you with the basics and not-so-basics on how to get great prints. Repeat calibrations periodically, to insure that your displays are always accurate. Miller from Make A Huge Difference I’ve seen proud LCD owners crank their screens up to the point that you almost need sunscreen to sit in front of them.

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This avoids the suction cups leaving marks on the LCD’s surface. You’ll want the display brightness to match the overall light level in your workspace. This step also adjusts the monitor to the gamma setting and color temperature that you want. Some obsessive types insist on recalibrating every day, other people go months between calibrations.

Cooor the white point adjustment if anythe software repeats the measurement sequence, stepping through the full brightness range for each of the RGB primaries, as the prior values may have changed after the white point adjustment.

This is a spacer that lifts the Spyder’s suction cups off the display surface, substituting instead a set of three flat pads and a ring coated with a felt-like covering.

64-bit Windows Vista/7/8 Driver

You can choose whether to continue with the previous settings, or to spdyer2pro them first. The Spyder2 sensor is pretty well-shielded against ambient light, but it’s still a good idea to dim the room lights, and make sure there’s not bright light from an adjacent window splashing on the screen near the sensor.


Hardest part is Turning off the Adobe Gamma, Virus protection and installing the disc in the proper drive.

It should spydet2pro without saying, but you should also check to make sure that your monitor is in full or bit color mode. There’s some debate about how frequently you should recalibrate.

Multiple Monitor Calibration Multiple Monitor Calibration and Matching allows you to calibrate and profile multiple monitors on a single system or across an entire studio, providing a more accurate and consistent color workflow among multiple workstations. Click on the down-arrow “Switch” button to see how the image looks with the monitor in its uncalibrated state.

Since we’re going to be calibrating to a white point of Kelvin a pretty good approximation of mid-day sunlightyou’ll want to check and see if your monitor has any controls that might affect white point.

Use a reasonable brightness level and your eyes will thank you. While they support multiple monitors, dual-head video cards generally won’t let you associate a separate profile with each monitor. Unlike some other devices we tested though, the Spyder’s suction cups hold well if they’re even moderately clean. When you “calibrate” a monitor, there are really three steps involved, characterization, correction, and profiling.

This gives it a more complete picture of a display’s colorimetric characteristics, which appears to be a significant help in calibrating LCD displays. Spyder2Pro Color Calibration S;yder2pro is rated 5.

As noted above, if you’re calibrating an LCD, make sure the LCD filter is attached to the sensor head, drape the weight down the back of the screen, and position the sensor head on the screen where indicated.

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If we were trying to match this monitor to another, this is one place where we might need to make an adjustment. Alright, we’re ready to calibrate! For the sake of illustration here though, we’ll suppose that we want to change the settings, so we can step through all the option screens.

The examples here are all based on a Mac, but the same software works on Collor as well.

The easy-to-use editing tools let you optimize your prints as you see fit, even adjusting for viewing conditions. If you have a better environment with dimmer lighting though, you probably don’t want to run your display at its full brightness, at least in the case of many newer LCDs.

Here’s a comparison table showing all three monitor calibration options:.

Datacolor Spyder2Pro Color Calibration System S2P B&H Photo

None Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Not to mention that it really makes the colors look great when calibrated If you’re matching multiple monitors, this is where you’d plug in the white and black luminance values you’re aiming for.

Custom Response Curve Targeting. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Since we left the black and white luminance boxes blank in the setup screens, the software just made the set point here equal to the value it spgder2pro. The backlights on many units shift color balance slightly as the warm up, and the contrast characteristics of the liquid crystals themselves also change somewhat with temperature.