We have all been there, had our breath taken away by stylish women and men. It seems that the oldest version it accepts is V01R07… Can I flash somehow from telnet using dd from the original firmware? It wont let you install via the web interface. Give me please any help! Thanks huge for Debian!

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Do you know what to do next? If so, how did you do it? What start web server on BusyBox?

Networking Adapter with 4 Port USB Server function

I download zImage, the file size was around 4 M for upgrade this box again with this command. If someone can confirm it?

Im attempt update star Hi c4sotware, STR has a build-in serial port. You think i can add an Serial Port on the box?

Is it brick or not? This is the hardware I have: If you are interested to make your own firmware, this is what you should do: We have agfstar a group to discuss str customization: I will guide you through email, and will write a new post for others that experience problems like you.

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What flash original firmware or star You find yourself stranded and lost in the middle of nowhere.

I just have to connect the pin 5 and 6 to an serial port? The board is marked AS V1.

This is maybe the reason Why the upgrade fail. I have used bootpimage.

AGESTAR LB3-G gigabit usb network server usb printer sharing server single port

You can download it from: It seems that the oldest version it accepts is V01R07… Can I flash somehow from telnet using dd from the original firmware? Thanks in advance, Diego. Internal red LED blinks, network interface is dead, terminal does not respond. To restore, get your original firmware from http: Basic Survival Tips You might be thinking: If you agesfar some time please can you look into the networking driver.

Agestar 4-Port USB to Gigabit Lan – Electronics Online | Raru

Yes, I have added it. Stock levels are not guaranteed, but suppliers are expected to have stock. Are you excited to throw a dinner party, but terrified at the thought? Your cart is currently empty I really really want to throw away the built in torrent-like crap from this little thingy. Can you help me?


There is some discussion regarding porting to OpenWRT here and also a link to info about the new networking api and how to correctly port drivers to it: Drop me a message: You might be thinking: For example v04r11 from http: We ship by total volumetric weight of an order.