My proposed solution is to simply cherry pick 7f1ed4b 9a86a4b80fa7 20c1ba and 11cf9c92c0d31d1 ec6cb bdbeba from freedesktop. Mouse optico CPI detalhes azul e Cooler Finally, I found out that just removing the. Now, I could manage to get evdev controlling the devices by copying the xinput. Anyone know why it would work with one and not the other?

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Just a random thought. So it looks like the first evdev driver is not being able to read to each device independently.

A4Tech Office 8K Optical 800 Cpi Swop 80Pu8

To post a comment you must log in. I eventually went with this config: Just curious – I’m interested in one of these.

Mikael Nilsson mini wrote on Debian Bug tracker freedesktop. The behavior descried by 2, 3 and 4 above doesn’t seem right. Posted Tue Aug 17, 8: I’ve posted how I managed to do this in Gutsy at http: A list of all mice known to work with this is a good idea.


And the xorg-input drivers do not recognize a couple of buttons correctly. So basically, upstream went nuts and threw away most of the configuration options that made evdev so interesting.

It uses the Microsoft Driver, not its own custom driver. Can anyone confirm this?

A4Tech Office 8K Wired Optical Mouse SWOP – mouse – PS/2, USB Overview – CNET

Sven Office Keyboard All Windows. Just because nobody has mentioned it, I thought I would: No extension cable needed, it fits fine. Configured 11 mouse buttons. Configuring in Absolute mode. Man, this is a bummer. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.

I eventually went with this config:. You can find attached the xinput. Office 8k optical cpi driver – bad-ass. Those adapters are passive.

A4Tech Office 8K Optical Cpi Swop 80Pu8

Funny this doesn’t jibe with my memories, but ball mouse likes a hard surface, no? This makes me wonder if I couldn’t use any optical LED mouse? It’s a shame that there’s no backwards compatibility, though. Therefore I can assign only 5 functions to my 6 buttons.


A4Tech Office 8K Wired Optical Mouse SWOP-80 – mouse – PS/2, USB

I get the following in the log: With WCS, the driver used. I feel like I’m blindly gambling. I sure would like to use something on the order of a Logitech cordless USB notebook mouse, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t a4ttech, eh? I get the following in the log:.