Does it posible to add support for Realtec NICs? Here’s my output, I’d be really happy if you could assist me! Hi Anonymous, this controller is supported out-of-the-box. No, this won’t make a difference. Andreas Peetz December 6, at 8: If the command lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 lists your controller with a name like vmhba0 or vmhba1 etc. I have a question.

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Great article, information and drivers!!!

It seems to me to be clearly an issue of the controller. Hi Andreas This one is 632xseb your list, but not recognized: Thanks for your help! Assigning this controller to a VM may work.

Download driver for Intel(R) SATA AHCI Controller, Win7x32

Real benefit to all of us. Thanks and Regards, Szabolcs Illes. I have trying for a long time to upgrade my ESXi 5. You gave to my homelab a new life! Anonymous February 25, at Motherboard with vmhba1 and vmhba33 but no devices attached.


This graphics adapter is compatible with PCI Express 3.

AHCI Supported Chipsets

Though, in the ESXI 5. However, I don’t want to encourage anyone to do this, because I want to prevent ambiguous forks of the package, and Cntroller think that a lot of people do still not understand what the package can do for them, and those may fiddle around with the package while having wrong expectations.

Thank you for doing this for us! The host controller is Jakub November 12, at Intel Corporation Class Please, can you give me hint, where is problem. Maurice November 30, at 2: Andreas Peetz November 5, at 9: I wonder if you could incorporate the following to your map.

Wonder what else is missing from the AsMedia products when upgrading from 5.

Unfortunaltely that didn’t help. Shawn February 15, at 5: This controller is supported out-of-the-box and should not need the sata-xahci package!?

;Intel(R) xESB/xESB SATA AHCI Controller Download Free by YhnLcGHr0XkR1DI Sanders on Prezi

OJ Yildirimer November 18, at 8: It says that the VIB is skipped for some reason after executing the last line: I followed the instructions and installed sata-xahci. No, ahcii is a Linux driver. Andreas Peetz December 29, at 8: Click hereto adjust the content of the private message.


If you are using it for passthrough and cannot access your disks anymore then please see this comment. Could you please add: I wanted to say thank you and you’re doing a great service to the VMware community making ESX accessible on a wide range of hardware.