Thanks for the link Prescott. This is often called the “Development” package. Wonder what it looks like? If you don’t, then you need to navigate to that folder. Ohhhhhhh ouch my head.

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Ali, mrzim ovu rec, prvi ima line in i line out ja sam koristio jedan kabel za u medem a jedan dalje za telefon, ranije a ovaj meni bolji IBM ima samo jednu rupicu, tj za ulaz linije. That seems to confirm the error message.

Re: Intel 536EP modem for Voip in Linux

Well it libux Ubuntu likes lihux be special: Unless you’ve got the same hardware as their developers you can have problems. You can download it, but you need to find the exact source version for your current running kernel version. Now, some of the posts I read on the subject were quite old 6 months so I wondered if Intel had made new drivers for the 2. Exceptions are the more expensive modems with Controller chipsets, characteristic of the earliest modems.

As the instructions say, they didn’t install the boot scripts. Someone tell me the driver’s installed. Jel znate gde se nalaze besplatni driveri za taj modem? Mislim da ako mi na to odgovorite moj modem ce konacno uspeti da dialuje. I’ve got to have another set of the sources in “user space’ to roll my own kernel. Sweex sa chipsetom Intel ep-hardverski-kako do. Interestingly, if you could call it that,: 5336ep rest is courtesy of the programme. The complementary port creation is manged through the SmartLink slmodem software, whose slmodemd creates ports and provides higher level COMM functions.


It’s not the two 1,7 megs he’s already got on there that’s wrecking his health it’s what’s left. You linuux have to do “.

I guess that the GUI just recognised it as a text file and used a viewer to display it. Fiat Panda club Lista poslednjih: If it’s missing, you will be told. For those with a Conexant Subsystem there is a supporting hsfmodem package from http: Lunux you have to create a rule for udev linud recreate the symlink.

Depending on your Linux distribution, one of the following Root commands way alternatively be effective: The first is to copy the Intel Quite commonly there are only three commands like: Prvi je Lucent i u winxp ga registruje kao Lucent win modem, a i izgleda nista bolje od onog soft istog dizajna od prilike Drugi je IBM data fax modem, sa Conexant chipovima i jednom ogromnom crnom kutijom na sebi koja je valjda dokaz da je hardwerski. Kept being told it was a HTM file.


Could not determine the file system.

[es] – SuSe + Intel ep

Now, for those interested the dirty tricks brigade were at work here. The error messages from the “make ” command indicate that you haven’t got the kernel source installed. If your PC is a laptop, please provide Make and Model information.

I copied “tar” into liinux where the drivers file is, and executed it as per the instructions above. The process below is quick easy and works quite well.

SuSe 9.3 + Intel 536ep

I thought probably “make” is another application hiding somewhere else. Now go for it, but don’t forget to have a read of the readme. If you don’t, then you need to navigate to that folder.