This command allows you to set the read cache to either basic , intelligent , or off on a specified unit. See the Controller Object Messages section for more. The levels range in order of severity: No space is allowed within the string. This command displays all available events on a given controller.

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This is because the drive is identified with only one vport handle. The following table illustrates the supported and applicable stripes on unit types and controller models. This command allows you to set the carve size in GB.

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In this case, the alarm setting of unmute would seem to be supported. In this case no error follows.

For these enclosures, the command to set the alarm to mute will return an error message indicating that the feature is not supported. The configuration category allows the user to see the settings as well as change them. If you wish to use CLI in single command mode not interactivemake sure to avoid collision with your command interpreter OS shell by escaping the meta-characters such as?


This command disables BBU detection on the controller. You can allow for the operation to continue via ignoreECC. The source unit is u3 and the destination unit is RAID with disks 10 and 11 in addition to the disks in the existing unit u3. Some drives do not support any queueing policy, in that case this policy setting will have no effect on those drives. Eskalad and series 4. This feature is for controller models SX and higher only. While some commands contain similar or identical information or examples, others may not.

3ware Storage Management CLI

Powered by Trac 1. The charging is started automatically by the BBU whenever necessary. This command shows the 3wade rebuild task rate of the specified controller.

Command lines beginning with denotes start of comment. Also, some of these features may be seriex more complex to described in a few discreet commands. The following is a list of the subsections:. It identifies the target SEP expander in the system.

For example, when a spare undergo unit migration and becomes a true unit, it adopts the queue policy of the “new” unit. If the queue policy is ON, the firmware utilizes the drive queueing policy. The next column shows whether the specified slot has been identified.


Usually shortened to “units”, these are block devices presented to the operating system. Port Object Messages are commands a. Each activity can be managed by a set of commands including adddelshow and set a task.

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This command allows you to set a controller based disk spin up policy. If an error condition or degraded state has been detected, the enclosure alarm or buzzer would be audible.

Unlike other enclosure show commands, this is for the SA and controllers with Release seris The stripe size, the usable capacity in gigabytes, the cache setting, and the autoverify setting are also listed. In effect, for these enclosures, the alarm is not mutable and would stay unmute. For OFF, after you reboot, the alarm will sound as long as the system is still in a degraded state i. The command descriptions and examples of this section are shown with the syntax of the controller object pre-pended to the enclosure object i.